French cuisine is considered one of the most popular and favorite cuisines. Tourists are always good dishes refinement, supply elegance and incredible taste of French cuisine.
French Traditional cuisines for dinner are soup (herbal cell), salads and vegetables, cold or hot meze meal after eating. The food is always red or white – a glass of wine is served. Until today, French is very famous pink wine.
The national French cuisine is very extensive with its well-established herbs and vegetables. Vitamins, artichokes, asparagus, lettuce (fresh and canned), leeks are very modern plants are very popular salads. The second dish of meat served traditional cabbage salad and a green salad.
In the kitchen, we use a lot of French chefs, lamb, veal, game, poultry – using different meat varieties and active heat treatment: frying, frying, boiling. Meat used to prepare many cucumbers. A very original method is burning (arson) food. Often the chefs used to make this meat. When you pour a table dish brandy and fire it. This approach gives the bread flavor and a unique aroma.